Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Amazing TaTa

Yes and again..I've isolated my blog due to the awful busy uni schedule and ya.. Its been a fun semester where I get to meet a lot kind people and I've learn a lot in my classes..nothing much to blog about yet but I'll love to share this song from Tata Young. I think of you~~ and yes I think of you when I'm down and all alone, so please do approach me^^ I know now i sounded like a weirdo but ya.. Just saying~~ Anyway.. do enjoy the song ^^

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The early months of 2012

Hmm.. in this year of 2012, 2months have passed and i didn't even realize how fast time have spun without having me realizing it. As i grew older,the time spins faster. The faster it spins the more I have to treasure every second and moment of my life. Oh well, what passed has passed, how i wish there is a time machine where i can turn back the time and correct my mistakes. Guess all that i can conclude on are the lessons i learned. I have been awfully bad tempered lately where I somehow got frustrated and pissed over small stuff easily, sorry for my friends and families whom i hurt. Deepest sorry. Anger and Emotional management is seriously what i am needing right now.

My early 2012 year semester's holiday has been my most fulfilling holidays with my family and my peeps and yes I worked for level up workshop again and I am loving it ^^ 
1st week of my holiday: Spent my time baking, cleaning the house and fixing my lost passport.
2nd week of my holiday: Gong Hei Fa Chai.. ang pao lai lai... haha..oh well.. guess everyone understands what i am trying to express here. Hehe.. winks..
3rd week of my holiday: Worked for Level up roadshow in Spring, again with my ladies ( Joyce and Fiona) not to mention my ah tao (Gen), my cute colleague (Chii) and the Indian snake(Redha). To my surprise, i am actually working under the same company with my cousin(Zul) what a small world.. haha.. It was fun and precious knowing all of you .
4th week of my holiday: Back to normal, hanged with my peeps ( Sean, Kenny, Dona, Jesper,and Cheng) having them around makes me smile. Thank guys, Glad to have all of you in my life ^^ Same goes to Joyce, Rui Chi, Ching, Pei Chim and Sheilia.

Bits and part of my holidays:
Tried out RPM , Body combat and Body jam classes with Joyce, Damn, all of them are challenging. Among all i adore body combat the most as i love to punch people in their faces.. haha.. kidding.. Love it cause i find it cool, reminds me of Jackie Chan and Bruce lee.. hehe..

Spent my valentine's day on Skype with Diana, Dine, Alan, Hany, Howe and Jerry. Oh ya.. i miss our Rajang session peeps..." I'm sexy and i know it" wiggle wiggle!! Thx guys. having to spend such a great time with all of you is something I treasure a lot^^

Went for family photo session, I love the pictures a lot, i actually sort of cried a little when i was looking at one of the pictures on plane though i have spent almost 3 years apart from my family. Guess there really is no other place like home...

Lighted air lantern with my peeps, (Sean, Kenny, Dona and Jesper). It was a spectacular night with lots of wishes lifted up to the sky hoping it will come true someday. ^^

Learned how to play pool, eventually got addicted and i made a history of my own by making the impossible possible..haha

Well, holiday ended and now I am back in my isolated university waiting for my assessments and exams to fill in my empty schedule (for now). Coming back here has always been the hardest moment for me considering i am apart from my hometown and i need to bare with all the things i am lacking of in this university in terms of entertainment, choices on food and transportation. Having to sit on the public bus for 4 hours from Penang Island to Sintok is just pain the ass..as in really pain in the ass!! OUCH!!!!

So this is it..my early life of 2012,  hoping the very best for the rest of the year.. peace people...^^

Oh, and Dona, thanks for tagging me this picture.. and yes i support this statement 100%.. cheers to all the single people out there, we never know when we going to get lucky so be prepared ^^

Friday, December 2, 2011

Pictures speak louder...

Have i mentioned before that i have few friends who are expert in photography?? well these were few pictures taken by them( Kenny, Sean and Alan). Have fun viewing ^^